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Billy Bob Gholson is Getting Ready to Test his MG Roadster

Car enthusiast, Billy Bob Gholson, has been working on restoring a 1966 MG Roadster for a while. When he is not working selling auto parts or spending time with his wife, Jean, he works diligently on his project. He has been working on cars since high school. “The great thing about classic cars is that they aren’t just computers with wheels.” Gholson says, “It is all solid machinery and I don’t have to worry that she will talk to me so the wife won’t get jealous.” He laughed.

The body work is complete. He spent several months painstakingly restoring the body. First, he replaced the floor pan, carefully, so as not to damage any wiring. There was some rust and wear on the cross/longitudinal members that he fixed as well. He used high quality automotive paint on the floor pan and other interior parts to extend their life.

One of the hardest decisions was to select the exterior color. The body was in fairly rough shape and it used to be a white car. Gholson was torn between British Racing Green and Cherry Apple Red. Both would look just as snazzy with the beige soft top so he waited until all the body work was completed before deciding. Even though white is better in the hot Texas climate, Gholson felt that a strong color fit the vintage roadster better.

When it came down to it, he chose British Racing Green because as a UT graduate, Gholson just could not really choose any shades of red. Maroon and white are the colors of Texas A&M (Aggies) and he just could not risk having his treasured roadster look anything like his alma mater’s biggest rival in Texas. Plus, his wife Jean has green eyes.

Now that the body work is completed, he has been tuning the engine and slowly working on getting it just right. Changing the electrical system to a negative earth system was trickier than he expected. Installing a new electric fan was essential given the number of 110° plus days in San Antonio. The overdrive was installed and he thinks the engine is just where he wants it.

In one month, he has a reservation at the Texas World Speedway (TWS) for a private test on the track. TWS is in College Station, Texas, which is the heart of Aggie land. You know how excited Gholson is use the track if he is willing to venture near the Aggies.

Billy Bob Gholson will be working with well-known professional racing instructor, Carson Newland, during the testing since he does not yet have his competitor’s license. That is next on the list now that his 1966 MG Roadster is ready for testing.