Billy Bob Gholson – Vintage and Antique Cars

Even when he was a child Billy Bob Gholson had a passion for vintage and antique cars. He likes to go to antique car shows and admire these sleek beautiful vehicles. He also enjoys rebuilding, restoring and refurbishing these vintage cars. He likes to spend time at classic car shows in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

When he was a junior in high school he bought a 1965 Ford Falcon from a neighbor. He had worked for over a year saving the money for this vehicle. His passion for vintage car started the day he began working on this vehicle. His dad bought him a tool set and he rebuild the motor. He then gave the car a new coat of paint. All the girls admired his ride, but he only had eyes for his high school sweetheart, Jean. He drove the car for years and proposed to his Jean in this vehicle.

Billy Bob Gholson’s latest project was his vintage 1966 MG Roadster which looks new after he restored it to its original beauty. “The MG is good looking, fun to drive and easy to maintain.” Like to know more about the MG, check it out at He says he is on the lookout for a new project car. He like to get together with other vintage and antique car enthusiast and discuss these vehicles. He helps others find the vehicles they are interested in at a reasonable price and helps them figure out what it will cost to restore them.